February Information

Please click the link below to download the February class curriculum:

February 2024 Class Curriculum.pdf

Important dates for February include:

Monday, February 5 – Friday, February 16 – Test Review
Students will rehearse all techniques required for promotion testing.

Wednesday, February 7th – Board Breaking
Students will have the opportunity to practice the breaking technique required for their next belt level test. We are now using re-breakable boards. There is no fee for board breaking class. These new re-breakable boards can be purchased for home use. The cost is $50 each.

Saturday, February 10 – Online Federation Training 1pm
I would like to encourage all adult and teenager black belts to attend this monthly online  Federation Training.  This will be a Zoom class with all of our affiliate schools worldwide.

Saturday, February 10 – Online Judging Course 2:15pm
If you are an adult or teenage black belt (14 years and older) and you are interested in judging in any upcoming tournaments you must attend the online Judging Course.  Please speak with Master Shipp for details.

Thursday, February 15 – Promotion Testing for Adults and Teenagers
Testing begins at 6:30pm Sharp!  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. Make sure to have your sparring gear with you.

Saturday, February 17 – Promotion Testing for Children
All Black Belts and Color Belts ages 8-12 will test at 9am.  All color belts ages 7 and under will test at 1pm.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.  Have your sparring gear with you.  Color belt students must have 3 stripes on their belt to qualify for testing.  Students should memorize the required Home Rules.  White belt students must memorize the first 3 rules.  Add one home rule per belt.  Black Belt students must know all Home Rules.

Monday, February 19 – CMA CLOSED
CMA will be CLOSED in observance of Presidents Day

Tuesday, February 20 – Friday, February 23 – CMA Winter Break Camp
Please register by replying to this email.  We require a minimum of 6 students to host camp.  Drop off begins at 8 am should be picked up by 4pm or immediately after their class.  We will have a full schedule of events for camp soon.

Friday, February 23rd – Friend Day!
All students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to class on this day.  We will have a fun and educational class prepared for students of all ability levels.  Students who bring a friend to class will receive a special prize!

Saturday, March 2 – Immortal Dragon Tournament
This Tournament will be hosted at Complete Martial Arts.  Events include: Sumo, point sparring, weapon forms, and forms.  More details to follow!

To download the important dates for February please click the link below:
February 2024 Upcoming Events.pdf