Since the beginning, man has been driven by the basic need to survive. He first fought only with his hands and feet, using the basic instincts for technique. As his opponents became stronger, man was forced to become stronger. To survive and give himself an advantage, he started to develop weapons. For the last 5,000 years, man has continued to develop his skills for self-defense, hunting, and combat. However, as man became stronger he also started to lose his self control; not knowing when to fight or how to use his knowledge properly. Some men realized this situation should not continue. These men came together and became what we today call “Martial Artists”.

Complete Martial Arts is a hybrid system of martial arts that incorporates the most effective techniques from two different styles of martial arts: Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu.  Both arts are taught seperatly with their own uniforms and belt systems.   There are literally thousands of unique martial arts systems and styles, all of which appear different in technique from one another. In essence they are all the same. If you look at a tree, you will see that it has hundreds of branches and thousands of leaves, all of which are unique. However, they all share the same root. The same holds true for the martial arts. While every style may on the surface appear different from all others, their root theories and principles are all the same. It is their use, presentation, and expression of these roots that make them unique. With this knowledge, students are able to continue to grow and develop in all areas of the martial arts, without limitations.

The various styles of martial arts are defined by their fighting distance. Every combat situation and fight moves through several distances. The key to winning a fight is using the right technique/style for the right distance. Most martial arts styles only cover a couple of distances. Complete Martial Arts provides training in the six possible distances in every combat situation.

1. Weapons
2. Kicking
3. Punching
4. Knees/Elbows
5.Throwing and Grabbing

No single martial art is strong in all the different distances. The weaknesses can be overcome by using techniques form several martial arts that are strong at that distance.

In addition to teaching these physical techniques, Complete Martial Arts concentrates on developing the mind and spirit as well. Wisdom in the mind is developed through experience and knowledge. Spirit in the heart is developed through teaching the philosophy of the martial arts and maintaining a positive attitude. A true martial artist understands the importance of training the three areas of mind, body and spirit. A martial artist must concentrate on all three aspects of the martial arts in order to reach their full potential.

Taking the best defensive and offensive techniques, an effective and potent art form has been created which encompasses punching, kicking, throwing, grappling and weapons.

A comprehensive training program can bring rewards far beyond physical strength, stamina and coordination. Following a regimen of physical and mental exercise can also develop the traits of confidence, discipline, determination, courage and honor … traits which contribute to a rich and full life.

It is never to late to begin training in the martial arts. We offer classes for men, women and children of all ages.