Rules & Regulations


  1. All open forms are permitted.
  2. All competitors must perform a rank appropriate form.


  1. All open weapon forms are permitted.
  2. All competitors must perform a rank appropriate form.

Scoring will be based on:

Concentration             20%     2 points

Balance                       20%     2 points

Grace                           20%     2 points

Strength                      20%     2 points

Overall Performance   20%     2 points

Three Judges will administer scores.


  1. All competitors mush have headgear, mouthpiece, shin pads & foot pads (or shin and instep pads), chest guard (optional), groin cup (male).  Any competitor without any one of these required and mandatory pieces of equipment (at the time of his/her match) will be disqualified.
  2. Adult and children divisions will run two rounds (each lasting 90 seconds) with 30 second break intervals. Divisions for students ages 7 and under will run two rounds (each lasting 30 seconds) with 10 second break intervals. Points are totaled at the end of each round.  This is continuous sparring, not point sparring.
  3. All color belts below blue belt will be allowed full contact to the body and no contact to the head and face area.
  4. All black belts and colored belts blue and above will be allowed full contact to the body and controlled kicks to the head not including the face area.

Scoring for Sparring:

1 point – Punches to the body (no head/face punches)

2 points – Kicks to the body

3 points – Kicks to the head (blue belt and above only)


Regulation breaking boards for this competition are as follows:

  1. All students 14 years and older – 12” x 10” x 1” pine.
  2. Junior students 10 years – 13 years old – 12”x 6” x 1” pine.
  3. All children 9 years and under – 12” x 10” x ½” pine.
  4. Competitors must purchase their own breaking boards for $3.00 each.
  5. Competitors must purchase Official breaking boards that are sold at the competition.
  6. Maximum of 3 boards per technique.

Please note:

  1. Only board breaking will be allowed for all breaking competitions.  Competitors will not be allowed to break any glass, bricks or perform fire breaking.
  2. Each competitor will be allowed three minutes to set up and complete their breaking routine.
  3. The clock begins as soon as the competitor steps on the competition area.
  4. Competitors will be allowed only two attempts per station. After an unsuccessful 2nd attempt you must move on to the next station.
  5. Students under blue belt will be allowed only one station. Blue belt and above will be allowed 2 stations.  Black belts will be allowed no more than 3 stations.

Scoring will be based on the level of:

Accuracy and Focus                                                                                                                              20%     2 points

Difficulty of Techniques                                                                                                                       20%     2 points

Power                                                                                                                                                       20%     2 points

Creativity                                                                                                                                                 20%     2 points

Smooth flow of routine, degree of clean breaking, Ki-hap (yelling) and showmanship         20%     2 points