Home Rules

I am a good Martial Artist…..

  1. I will greet my parents when I enter the house and tell them good-bye when I leave.
  2. I will at all times be respectful of my parents and grandparents.
  3. I will always tell the truth.
  4. I will have a good relationship with my brothers and sisters.
  5. I will willingly help with household chores.
  6. I will report to my parents when I have completed assigned tasks.
  7. I will be responsible for the upkeep and neatness of my own room.
  8. I will practice daily cleanliness in the matter of hair, teeth, and body.
  9. I will abide by my parent’s decisions.
  10. I will not interrupt adult conversations.
  11. I will refrain from rowdy behavior at home.
  12. I will possess an active mind, body , and spirit.
  13. I will diligently study my school work both at school and at home.
  14. I will at all times show respect for my school, teachers and peers.
  15. I will always finish what I have started.

** If I fail to follow these rules, I may be reduced in rank by the Master or Grand Master**