May Events

Please click the link below to download the May Class Calendar:
May 2024 Class Curriculum.pdf

Important dates for the month of May include:

Wednesday, May 8 – Board Breaking
Students will have the opportunity to practice the breaking technique required for their next belt level test. We are using re-breakable magnetic boards.  There is no fee for board breaking class. These new magnetic boards can be purchased for home use.  The cost is $50 each.

Saturday, May 11 – Mother’s Day Training
All mom’s and their children are invited to a special training at 10am. There will be a special presentation for mom at the end of training. All mom’s who attend for the first time will receive their pink belt! Veteran mom’s will receive a stripe on their belt.

Saturday, May 18 – CMA Tournament of Champions
We will be hosting a small tournament for our students a few other schools.  The tournament will be held at CMA and will give our students additional competition experience. I recommend all students regardless of belt level to participate in the great event. Registration and information is online:

Friday, May 24 – Friend Day
All students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to class on this day. We will have a fun and educational class prepared for students of all ability levels. Students who bring a friend to class will receive a special prize!

Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 27 – CMA CLOSED
CMA will be closed for Memorial Day!

Click the link to download upcoming events:
May 2024 Upcoming Events.pdf