June Important Dates

June 2022 Class Curriculum.pdf

Important dates for June include:

Thursday, June 9 – Saturday, May 11 – CMA CLOSED – We have a team of 19 black belts going to represent Complete Marital Arts at the 2022 UTA Grand Nationals Tournament.  There will be no afterschool pick up for Thursday and Friday.  Please find alternative arrangements for these two days.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We will provide a credit to Afterschool students for those two days.

Wednesday, June 11 – Board Breaking – Students will have a chance to practice the breaking requirement for their next belt level test.  Boards cost $3 each and can be purchased before class.  Otherwise, boards will be charged to the card on file.

Saturday, June 18 – Outdoor Testing for Color Belts and Black Belts with Father’s Day Training and Family Picnic – This event will take place at the Livingston Oval (weather permitting).  All students and their families are encouraged to attend.  We will have our testing with the dad’s participating in the conditioning, sparring, and board breaking sections for the testing.  Please bring lunch and snacks for the picnic and games following the test.

Wednesday, June 22 & Thursday, June 23 – CMA Half Day Camp – Since the Livingston schools have half days, we will be hosting a special camp for the last 2 days of school.  We will have special games and prizes for camp.  Please register by email.

Friday, June 24 – Saturday, June 35 – CMA will be CLOSED.

Wednesday, June 29 – Friend Day – All students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to class on this day.  We will have a fun class prepared for students of all ability levels.

Thursday, June 30 – Monday, July 4 – CMA will be CLOSED for Independence Day Holiday.