CMA Fitness


Welcome to CMA Fitness!  Our program will motivate and inspire you to push yourself while having a great time.  Our classes are led by trained instructors who are friendly and approachable and always available to share tips and offer encouragement.

Our classes offer a variety of cardio, weight-training, upper and lower body strength-training, kickboxing, and core/abs.  Our trainers are constantly developing new class routines so you will never get bored of doing the same old thing!  A registered dietitian will be available for consultation and program members will have the opportunity to develop their own individual nutrition plan.

Email us at or call (973) 403-0045 for more information.

FREE Trial class offered!  Just come in and check us out.

We offer the following class times Monday thru Friday:

5:35am (Denisse)
6:30am (Denisse)
8:15am (Denisse)
9:15am (Denisse)

6:30pm (Brad)
7:30pm (Brad)
Thursday evenings (Clint)

Check our events page for special Saturday classes and other events!