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Brad and Denisse have both been certified!


Challenge For Change Cycle – Begins January 2nd!
January 2nd to March 22

We are now moving into the “Challenge for Change” cycle, which begins Wednesday, January 2nd through Friday, March 22nd. Please make sure you get your weights and measurements done over the next few days. Come in a few minutes early before class and ask Jenny or Patty to do them for you. In order to be one of our challenge winners you MUST have them completed by January 4th.

Win up to $500.00!!
Starting January 2nd, at the end of each class, the trainers will incorporate 3 exercises into the daily routine. These exercises will increase in difficulty as the days go on. They must be completed on a daily basis in order for you to be one of our challenge winners. If by chance you can’t make it to class daily, you can complete them at home and send us one continuous video of you completing the 3 exercise challenges for that day. We will keep a chart, and at the end of every 4 weeks we will have a winner. The winner will have completed all the daily challenges and the best overall results from weights and measurements. A $100.00 prize will be given for each of the three challenge winners as well as and additional $200.00 prize to whoever completes all three challenges and has the best overall results for the full 12 weeks.

Month 1 Challenge winner $100.00 – Congratulations to Sabera Saleh!!!!

Month 2 Challenge winner $100.00
Month 3 Challenge winner $100.00
Winner who completes all 3, plus has the best overall physical results wins and additional $200.00