Upcoming Important December Dates!

Dear Parents and Students,

It is hard to believe we are preparing for our last full week of the year!  We are very proud of our students and their families for their commitment to Taekwondo training.  This week we will be conducting Test Review in every class.  Students who have 3 stripes on their belt are qualified to test.  Here are the important dates for this week:

Friday, December 18th – Holiday Gift Exchange – 5pm – Please bring a gift to exchange with another student.  The price limit for the gift is $25.  Please put the students or Parents name on the gift.  Gift will be divided into 5 categories: Boys 8 and over, Boys 7 and under, Girls, 8 and over, Girls 7 and under, and Adults.  You can drop off the gift anytime this week.  On Friday at 5pm students and their families can drive by CMA and we will give you a gift to exchange for the gift you dropped off.  We also plan to have a hot chocolate stand to keep you warm.  There may be other surprises as well!  (we are looking for a volunteer to play Santa)  Please email if interested.

Saturday, December 19th – Color Belt Promotion Testing – If you plan to test on Saturday please confirm by replying to this email.  Please specify if you are testing IN PERSON or BY ZOOM.  In person testing will be limited to 20 students per group.  We will add additional time slots on Saturday if necessary.  Please limit the number of spectators.  Spectators will be allowed to sit around the edge of the mat as well as in the lobby and hallway.  Anyone entering CMA must wear a mask.  Students ages 7 and under will test at 10am and students ages 8 and over will test at 11am.  We will use the same Zoom link for testing that we use for regular class.

We are looking forward to these great end of the year events!!