February Important Dates!

Please click the link below to download the February Class Curriculum:

February 2020 Class Curriculum.pdf

Important dates for the month of February include:

Sunday, February 9th – Immortal Dragon Winter Tournament – This is a great tournament for students of all belt levels.  Events include: Forms, Weapon Forms, Sparring, and Sumo Wrestling.  You can register at Tournament Registration.  On the registration page you will find all of the details including competition schedule and rules.  This is our first tournament of the year and we are looking forward to a great event!

Friday, February 14th – Friend Day – All students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to class this day.  We have a special fun class planned for students of all experience levels.  We will give prizes to students who bring a friend.

Monday, February 17th – Friday, February 21 – CMA Day Camp – We will be hosting Day Camp for students off from school for February recess.  Drop off for camp is as early as 8 am with pick up as late as 6:15 pm.  We will have a full day of activities planned for the students.  The cost for the week is $75 for the day or $350 for the week.  After School Students receive a $20 per day discount and siblings receive a 20% discount.  Please reply to this email to register for camp or you can register at the front desk.

Saturday, February 22nd – Retirement Center Demonstration & Talent Show –  Please join us for our annual visit to Arbor Terrace Roseland.  We will perform a Taekwondo Demonstration as well as a talent show.  If you are interested in attending please contact Master Shipp.  Please let us know if you have any special talents such as: singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument.  We also prepare special gifts for the seniors and make sure we brighten up their day!  The event will take place at 2:30 pm and last approximately one hour.

Saturday, February 29th – Black Belt & Color Belt Testing – Color belts who have earned three stripes on their belt you are eligible to take the test.  All black belts are required to test.  All students ages 8 and over will test at 10 am and all students ages 7 and under will test at 11:30 am.  Please make sure to study the required home rules!