March Class Curriculum and Important Dates

Please click the link below to download the March Class Curriculum:

March 2019 Class Curriculum.pdf

Important dates for the month of March include:

Sunday, March 3 – Tournament – Hosted by Immortal Dragon Martial Arts in Lincoln Park, NJ.  You can register online at  The tournament begins at 9am. The entire tournament schedule is listed on the website.

Wednesday, March 13 – Friday, March 15 – Half Day Camp – CMA will be hosting a half day camp for those students who get out early for school conference.  The cost for half day camp is $55 for regular members or $35 for students who are scheduled to be picked up from school on that day.  We will have physical games on the mat, arts and crafts, video games, and movies in the back.

Wednesday, March 13 – Board Breaking – Students will have the opportunity to practice the breaking requirement for their next belt level test.  Boards cost $3 each and can be purchased before class.  Otherwise we can charge the card on file.

Friday, March 29 –  Friend Day – Students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to their regularly scheduled class.  We will have a fun class planned for all students and their friends.  Students who bring a friend to class will receive a special prize.  If your friend signs up for our regular program, you will receive a referral credit good for your next testing fee.