February Important Dates – Demonstration, Day Camp, and Belt Testing

Important dates remaining for the month of February include:

Saturday, February 9th – Retirement Center Demonstration – Please join us to perform a martial arts demonstration and talent show at Arbor Terrace Retirement Center in Roseland.  All students are welcome to perform in this demonstration regardless of age or belt rank.  Just having the children present at the retirement center will lift the spirits of the residents.  We are also looking for students who have musical instrument or singing talents and could perform.  We will have a rehearsal at 11:15am followed by lunch at CMA.  We will leave CMA at 1:00pm for the performance at 1:30.  We plan to arrive back to CMA around 2:30pm.  I usually take the students to Dunkin’ Donuts afterwards as a reward for their community service.  Please register by email or at the front desk if you can join us.  I can take students in the CMA van and bring them back afterwards.

Friday, February 15th & Monday, February 18th – CMA Day Camp –  Drop off for camp is as early as 8am and pick up as late as 6:15pm.  Field trip information will be announced shortly.  We plan on going to High Exposure Rock climbing and parkour course one day and Rebounderz trampoline park the other.  Snack time will be at 3pm followed by regular classes at 4pm.  Camp cost is $75 plus field trip expenses.  Everyday afterschool students receive a $20 discount.  Please register by email or at the front desk.

Saturday, February 23rd – Black Belt and Color Belt Testing 10am until 12pm – All black belts who have attended class regularly for the past 4 months are eligible to test.  All color belts that have 3 stripes on their belt are also eligible for promotion testing.

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